Elderly health care is a branch of the health science curriculum. Allied College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University In response to the government's policy towards the elderly in Thailand. For the elderly, the proportion of working age population and childhood decreased. Because of the rate Birth and mortality rates continue to decline. The average Thai people live longer. The situation in Thailand is the same as many countries. Structural change of the population into the elderly society. It is a matter of great interest both nationally and globally. This has resulted in widespread impacts on many levels, including the effects on GDP, per capita income Savings and Investment Government budget Employment and production of labor And comma It affects the markets, products and services. Especially in finance and health. Prepare to accommodate the change.

Therefore, the College of Allied Health Sciences, as an institute focused on the production of medical personnel and public health, has launched a curriculum on health sciences. Elderly health care To produce expert people directly to the elderly, which will be an important force in the development of the country's lack of academic elders. The course is not focused on the elderly but only on the elderly. The emphasis is on all aspects of knowledge in the elderly, whether it is communicable and non-communicative, nutrition, environmental epidemiology, health promotion, psychology, etc., so that students have the knowledge and ability to meet the needs of the labor market to become a specialist. The elderly of the country